The Last Stand: Dead Zone
The Last Stand: Dead Zone
简介:The Last Stand: Dead Zone brings RPG, Action and Strategy to the zombie apocalypse. Load out your team and run real-time missions to gather weapons, gear, construction materials and supplies in locations across the Dead Zone all while holding off the horde. With 30,000+ items available there's plenty of ways to dispatch the walking dead. BUILD YOUR COMPOUND Build and defend your compound to protect you from the infected and human raiders. Set up barricades and traps to hold the hordes at bay. Your survival depends on it. ASSEMBLE YOUR SURVIVORS Attract new survivors, decide their role then equip them to help you survive. Select from a number of classes including Fighters, Engineers, Medics, Scavengers and Recon. Each role is important and will affect your chances of survival. LOOT AND CRAFTING! Loot or craft over 30,000 weapon and gear items in real time missions across the city. Gather schematics for weapons and gear through scavenging or trade. ALLIANCES AND RAIDING Raid other players for precious resources or help them with construction. Join an alliance and secure your position in the Dead Zone!


The Last Stand: Dead Zone
类型:角色扮演游戏 | 冒险游戏
开发商:Con Artist Games


  • 时间2012-02-21
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